NPC: The Sorley Gang

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Just the Facts

This is a gang of NPC hoods who are going to be causing all sorts of trouble and mayhem now that they have shown up in the Miami area. Though Florida-born, they are outsiders to Miami. The family had roots in a more rural part of the state and had, in fact, a long reputation there as dominating that locale thru intimidation and a proclivity to use violence. Finally, though, the profits were drying up, and they had worn out their welcome thus decided to seek their fortunes in the big city. They chose Miami. 

What makes them different from most gangs, though, is every one of them is from the same family. Brothers, sister, and a cousin, it seems they do believe in blood is thicker than water. And also anyone else appears to be fair game. As in prey. And they are about as subtle as a load of bricks.

Arthur Sorley

Oldest of the family and in charge ever since their father was sentenced to prison for life. Though the old man bragged in court, his family would break him out, it seems they never tried. Arthur likes being in charge. He prides himself on being the brains of the outfit, and most of their schemes are his.

Arden Sorely

Second oldest but all of the family and anyone else who knows them would acknowledge he is by far the meanest. His ready solution to most problems is violence. It is amazing given the number of people he has killed how he is still walking around free. This is a man just looking for a fight. Best advice, don’t oblige him.

Avis Sorely

Only female in the family and don’t let those pretty looks fool you. She is capable of holding up her part in the gang’s criminal activities. She was married in her late teens but shot her husband in a quarrel over money, now she is a widow with no desire to repeat that mistake - her marriage not the shooting.

Alvin Sorely

The so-called baby of the family. Like his sis, looks can fool you. Alvin is an active participant in their criminal operations. Oh, he can act the part of a sweet boy, smile, and be polite. Until he isn’t. 

He once lost a fistfight with a local farm boy but came back the next day armed with a knife and cut the other kid up quite badly. The lad lived but lost the use of one eye. The Sorleys don’t like to lose.

R.E. Dunn

First cousin to the others, he was practically raised with the Sorleys and certainly took to their criminal inclinations like a duck to water. He loves to dress fine, preferring white suits, hats, in an attempt to look as dapper as can be. But those murderous eyes of his tend to give most people the creeps. What is the old saying? The eyes are a mirror to one’s soul? Well, his soul is dark as a bottomless pit. A war vet, he fought and killed a lot of Huns. And he enjoyed it.

Playing Notes

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