"We're Businessmen Now" Sorley Gang

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March 9, 1924
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The two trucks trundled down the road headlights cutting into the darkness of the dirt track of this out of the way rural byway. The moon was out to help on this cloudless evening. Inside the cab of the first vehicle a middle aged man was at the wheel, keeping focused straight in front of him. He knew this old road, they were on it precisely because it was a seldom used pathway. But it was seldom used for a reason, as it meandered thru marshes interspersed with stands of trees. All of this made it a challenge to drive at night but then he was a local and thus why he had been hired to be the lead driver.

Sitting in the passenger seat was a younger man, a double barreled shotgun on his lap. The two of them had only met this very night so the conversation at first had been barebones then faded off to silence as other than both being in a truck filled with bootleg liquor, they had little in common.

The second truck had two men in it also, that driver carefully following the lead vehicle and the passenger also armed only with a revolver. Since both were baseball fans, they were quite chatty as they talked about the upcoming season and how the two leagues might shake out. Consensus was the New York Yankees were favorites.

As the first truck made yet another curve on this winding road, the driver's eyes went wide and he went for the brakes. There in the middle of the narrow road was a farm cart of some sort, hitched up to a big old mule which brayed nosily at the bright glare which had illuminated the scene.

"What the hell?" he had certainly not expected any farmer to on this road at night.

There was more though. Someone was standing next to the cart and waving.

"Well, get out there and tell that moron to move that thing," he gestured to his companion, let that guy do some work since all he'd been doing was sitting there the whole trip.

(To be continued)

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"Shit....alright," the man left the shotgun on the passenger seat, just in case he had to help that hayseed out there move that piece of junk. He knew enough about mules to know sometimes they just stubbornly refused to budge.

"Hey....." as he closed the distance he could see now the farmer was a farmboy....some gangly teen, just great.

"You gotta move this thing, kid! You'all blocking the road," he pointed out the obvious.

The lad wasn't dressed in farm clothes, a flat cap perched on top of light colored hair. He smiled shyly.

"Sorry mister, but not half as sorry as you're gonna be," Alvin Sorley suddenly pulled out a revolver from his coat pocket and leveled it at the stunned man.

The rest of the Sorleys now made their move, emerging out of the brush and darkness to complete the ambush, for that was what it certainly was. There were two on each side of the road, three men and even a young woman. All were also armed with an assortment of guns.

Arden sauntered on up to the passenger side of the second truck, the two within couldn't even quite see what the hell was going on up front just that the truck ahead of them had hit the brakes. And now people were coming at them from out of nowhere. Both of them froze. Arden barked at the passenger.

"C'mon now boy! You hop on outta there now!"

The door opened and the frightened man did as he was told, Arden was specifically looking for him being armed and spotted the pistol.

"Drop that there firearm before I get mad," as he commanded he leveled a menacing looking BAR, Browning Automatic Rifle with it's 20 shot clip, the weapon had been used by the Army and Marines in the Great War in France. It was awesome firepower in a short burst. Or could be set to single shot. Right now Arden had it on automatic.

The fellow nervously set down the gun, his hand could be seen shaking even in the moonlight. Arden smiled.

Meanwhile everything proceeded as planned and soon the Sorleys had the four drivers/passengers assembled off to the side, hands up and wide eyed, scared.

Arthur still had his trademark bow tie on, like he had been going out for a fun time rather than on family business. But then he knew this would be an easy job. He had done the research and the planning. These idjits they were stealing from were amateurs, locals and an easy mark.

"Alright you fellas, don't go lookin' so scared like that? You think we are gonna just shoot you all down like dogs on this here road? Nonsense! But we are gonna take the trucks....oh and the illegal bootleg liquor inside," he grinned.

"You Prohies?" one man summoned up enough nerve to ask.

Arthur paused a few seconds then nodded, "Why how did you ever guess? You all got us figured, you do. Now, all of you just go follow Officer Sorley here and don't try nothin' as we all's right behind you."

A tall rather scary looking man in a white suit carrying a pump shotgun waved one hand in a gesture for the bunch to do just that, follow him as he turned and began to tramp into the scrub off the road.

"Let's go, boys."


To be continued...

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It turned out to be short hike as they came up against the edge of a swamp with no further visible pathway. Arden took control of the situation again, barking orders at their prisoners from behind the four.

"End of the road, boys. Now I want y'all to go wading into that there marsh water ....oh at least up to your knees. Come on now, it's only water. I don't even see no gators!"

Actually it was too dark to see if there were any alligators which could remain practically invisible even in daylight. The men hesitated, one even said something.

"Please. Why should we go in there? We won't tell a soul bout this!"

The tall white suited man now spoke up, "Give ya til the count of three. One......"

Ever so reluctantly and slowly, the men began to ease into the swamp, their shoes sinking in the ooze and the murky algae filled water rise up their pants legs.

"That'll do just fine, boys!" Arden announced, "Let'em have it."

A loud fusillade echoed across the glades as the Sorleys opened up with every weapon they had. The men were riddled, likely dead before they hit backward in the swamp, heads barely bobbing. Once the shooting was over, Arden spent a good minute eyeing the scene. He was checking for even a glimmer of life out of those four. Unlike the picture films, people often took a lot of killing before they died. They wanted no witnesses to ruin this.

Satisfied the criminal family now headed back toward the trucks, they could reload their weapons later. They had themselves a cargo of bootleg liquor to squirrel away and then start up the selling part of the business.

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