Plotting with Eric Richards

Started by JulieS at May 12, 2020 1:25 AM
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Eric Richards is a self-made millionaire, who got his start in business by taking over his father-in-law's factory. He owns multiple businesses and factories under the banner of Endeavour Enterprises.

His main tool to get what he wants is leverage.  If he can find any weaknesses in the person or business he is targeting, he will use it.  There are various methods he uses to find information and will pay for it sometimes.  In the cases, where he pays, he doesn't care where or how the information is obtained as long as it is good.  He also is not interested in what the party who providing the information does for a living and won't ask either.  However, he does draw the line at killing someone.

Eric is cold and ruthless in his business dealings and in the way he deals with some people (especially people he dislikes for whatever reason).  To the people he likes or socialises with, he can be very friendly and charming.

There are plenty of plot possibilities here for other characters to interact with Eric - high society, business or those on the other side of the law.  If you are interested just let me know.

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None of us are here...

Great character!

I am sure various and sundry MacLeods will have varying interactions with Richards from social to - maybe - business. 

With Alafair, I think it would have to be purely social since she is not in business for herself - beyond promoting herself in her singing career. 

Althea - there's probably some opportunities to interact with her as well since her socialite exterior covers her more nefarious activities (mainly document forgeries these days).

Looking forward to having some of my guys and gals meeting up with him.


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Eric will eventually have a redemption arc story of some sort but that won't be for a while in game time - at least a year or more.