Ship's Doctor / Doctor to the Mob

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He or she would be a 1920s version of *doctor to the rich and famous*. Only for our RPG, the doctor would not have an issue with not reporting things like gunshots or even a dead mobster to the authorities. 

Although the character can be as complicated as you would like them to be, it would be preferable that their medical license is in good standing. We would like for the character to be the ship's doctor during the SS Chanteuse's weekend cruises. This ship is our sea-going speakeasy. 

Women doctors would still be a novelty in the 1920s. The attitude of male physicians of the era was that women were incapable of being competent doctors. This might be a reason the character does not have their own practice or privileges at a local hospital.

Examples of Character Connections

Below are a couple of examples of pre-existing character connections this guy or gal could have. There are numerous characters that the doctor could know or interact with.

Lucian MacLeod: One of the owners of the SS Chanteuse. Lucian would technically be the doctor's employer if he or she becomes the ship's doc. A friendship could easily develop. Also, if the doctor was in WWI in the South Pacific, he or she might have crossed paths with Lucian in the past.

Alafair Corbin: Club Lorelei's headline singer (the club is located on the SS Chanteuse). Allie was a head nurse for the Army Nurse Corps in World War I (European theater). She could have met the doctor there (maybe the character was a nurse that later got his/her medical license - or  - was a doctor in the same unit).

These are only a couple of options. There are many more if, during the week, the doctor is sort of a upscale, makes house calls sort of doctor.

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Position filled by Dr. Greyson Steel MD.

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