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Madam Isis is a spiritualist and medium who is gradually gaining popularity in Miami. She runs a small shop in town where she reads palms, tea-leaves, the tarot cards, etc. The shop also sells a few charms and other trinkets. It is a pretty little place.

Creator Notes

The character can be adopted as is and her character sheet fleshed out a bit to make her a playable character. Madam Isis can become an integral character as mediums and spiritualism was the cat's meow at the time!

Current Plot Plans

  • In 1922, Lucian MacLeod got involved with a local woman. Her name was Laura Nightingale. Her twin brother, Alexander, was a local, well-respected doctor. Not long after Lucian began dating Laura, Alexander was killed in a car accident. Laura was inconsolable and became involved with Madam Isis in an effort to contact her beloved twin. When Lucian cautioned her that spiritualism was often a racket designed to scam the bereaved out of their money, Laura ended their relationship. In 1923, Lucian learned that Laura had been killed. He was made executor of her estate only to learn that while he had inherited her property and all personal items, her medium had inherited a very large sum of money.
  • Laura's manner of death has not been determined. I am leaning toward it being a staged suicide by hanging. The police were able to figure out she had been hanged after being strangled, but the case went cold from there. The one lead they had which seemed to be a dead end is that Lucian MacLeod's late wife died by suicide in the Philippines. She hung herself.


  • Personally, I am an open-minded skeptic. There was a tremendous amount of frauds and scams associated with spiritualism of the era. As long as whether her abilities are real or fake and you do not abuse OOC Knowledge without permission, I don't care which angle you take with Isis. It can even be a little of both.

Birth Date/Age

  • March 15, 1879 (45): This can be changed. Left as is, the adopting RPG member might need to put up a want-ad for her husband or boyfriend to serve as her henchman. If you make her younger, keeping in mind that she was the spiritualist that a now-deceased character used two years prior to game-year, her henchman could easily be a father or brother, leaving open a chance for romance.


  • 5'2": I would like to see her stay very petite with an overwhelming aura of mysticism, a fairly strong personality that belies her size and delicate frame.


  • This is also open and optional for the adopting member. She is Russian. Right now, I have her listed as blond haired and blue eyed. 


  • Bette Davis: This can be changed. I wanted to find a playby that had a very penetrating gaze / noticeable eyes. This is a feature that would be nice to keep, but there are other playbys with very interesting eyes.

How to Adopt

  • Reply to this thread and claim the character. Provide any details you want me to consider or questions you might have.
  • If we agree on the adoption, I will convert her from NPC to Character and transfer her to your account.
  • Remember, you will need to make the changes you want and update her information in the character's profile.