Rainy Days and Reporters

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February 23, 1924
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Victoria Hayes

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Lucian rose to his feet, "If I get any information from Miss Flanders that I can share, I will call you. Thank you for having breakfast with me." 

"Thanks Lucian," Victoria replied in a light and easy tone.  She was a little bit miffed, that Lucian hadn't answered her question but she would have time to ask him another day.

Turning to Jessica, she listened to the girl's enthusiastic request.  Taking the envelope, she opened it and pulled out its contents.  Her eyebrows raised in surprise as she looked at them.  "Well, I must say I didn't expect this. How and where on earth did you get these?"

Jessica tapped a fingernail against the table as she thought about her answer. Since she wanted Victoria to help her out, she decided to be totally truthful with her with one provision. "Right now, this is strictly between you and me. If you decide to use them, you got them from an anonymous source, right?" Jess didn't wait for an answer, "I took them on January 13th at a clockmaker's shop in South Beach. I have the negatives to prove it. I was at a friend's place, heard the shots and went to see what happened. Got the pictures and got out before the cops arrived." She ended with a visibly proud note in her voice.

"That's over a month ago and there's been a few shootings since then.  I don't know if I can use them or not."  Victoria frowned as she continued to look through the photos.  "The best I can do is show them to the chief editor and if he's interested, I can write a story to go with it.  If that does happen, I will need to ask you a few more questions."

Jessica nodded her understanding, "I get that. If you think these would get my foot in the door, that'd be jake. I'd rather sell my photos to the newspaper than the police. I can get you current pictures. I just need to make sure I'm on the scenes and I'm not sure how to do that. I mean, I managed getting those through sheer luck. Just need to get hooked in so I hear about these things too. I'll owe you one for showing these to your bosses."

Victoria looked intensely at Jess, "How serious are you about this?" she asked.  Even though it was a bit wrong to take advantage of the situation, it would be a way to confirm the rumour about another MacLeod.  "If you are serious about becoming a crime photographer, then it would be good to know someone who has connections in the field. It will make life a lot easier for you."

Jessica immediately sobered, her demeanor now that of someone far older than eighteen years of age. "I am very serious. It's why I waited so long to start shopping the photos around. I needed to develop them, look at them, and think really hard about what it would mean. Short-term, I want to get my name out there as a quality crime photo journalist. The images need to mean something beyond just the blood and gore that sells papers. Long-term, I want to be a serious photojournalist. But, as my dad always says, you have to start out somewhere and get your foot in the door."

"Good advice."  Victoria nodded, "And it's also good to have a plan.  Maybe one day we can work together if I ever find a way of breaking into the more serious stuff.  As a photographer you have it a lot easier than I do.  Editors are always hungry for pictures."

For several moments, Jessica was silent as her brain churned. Finally, after stirring her coffee and staring off into space, she looked at Victoria, "How about you write the copy that goes with those pictures. We can research it together, pull old papers and look for any information, get the police blotter for the incident. I can take us to the shop where it happened, get exterior shots. We do a full layout on forgotten crimes." She looked at the other woman, "We might be punching above our weight, but we can shop the piece to crime magazines too."

"That might work but first I will see if the chief can use these.  If he decides he doesn't want them, then we can try selling them to another paper or a local magazine.  I doubt people outside of Florida will be interested in any crimes committed here."

Victoria pulled out a pencil and pad from her handbag.  "I will get in touch with you after I have seen my boss.  Just write a number or an address I can find you at.  If he does say yes we will have only a short time to get it done."

"Deal," Jessica took the pad and pencil and wrote her information down, "I still live at home, penthouse, Hotel Duquesne." She pushed the pad toward the other woman. "Hey, Victoria, if you need a photographer here or at other social events, I could do that for you too. I don't even care about being paid for those, just the credit as photographer."

"Well it looks like we have a plan," Victoria answered.  "I will be able to use you on a few social events.  It will help you get some experience."

She finished the last of her coffee, "I'll head over to the office now.  The chief editor is usually goes home around midday after he's checked Sunday's edition, so hopefully I can catch him before he leaves."

Jessica stood up also, "I probably need to go too..." Her voice trailed off as she caught sight of the hostess stand at the front of the club. She rolled her eyes and glared in its general direction. "Victoria...feel free not to answer...are you dating anyone right now...and if not...would you like to be?"

Victoria Hayes

Reporter for The Miami Herald
?Years Young
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Victoria frowned.  It was such an out of the blue question.  Shaking her head, she replied, "No, I'm not dating anyone and I'm not really sure if I want to at the moment."

She didn't really want to tell Jessica her reasons why she didn't feel like dating. There had been someone recently but it was so very complicated.  He was very charming but the way he went about some things left a lot to be desired.

Since she was a bit curious as to why Jessica would ask, she looked at her, "I get the feeling that you have someone particular in mind."

Jessica nodded enthusiastically, "Yes, I do. Lucian. He needs to ditch that gold-digging trollop he's seeing. You'd be the cat's meow. Smart, gorgeous, willing to work and not go after an easy meal ticket. You'd be perfect.'

Gold-digging trollop? Well, she had heard worse than that during her time as a society reporter.  She knew Lucian was seeing somebody as she had her informers around town and it obvious that Jessica didn't think much of her.  Smiling, she replied, "Thanks but no thanks. Lucian is a friend and that's how I would like it to stay.  But it was nice that you thought I would be worthy of him."

"It was worth a try. I guess I'll need to find another way to drive her off," Jessica stated and grinned.

"Well, make sure you go about it carefully.  I would hate to see you or anybody else for that matter incur Lucian's wrath for interfering in his life, no matter how good your intentions may be."

Victoria picked up the envelope and put the photos back into it.  Then she grabbed her handbag, "Best of luck on your quest to get rid of your brother's girlfriend."  She smiled, "I will call you when I hear from the chief editor about your photos and I look forward to working with you."