All in the Family

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None of us are here...

I have reversed the course a little bit on this plot because it was beginning to feel way too big and overreaching. It will still work with some of the discussions we have been having but will be more personal. We can thank JulieS for inspiring me.

First off, we will need to choose one of the options - or - if anyone has others, look at them and vote for the best and easier to manage. Just remember, this plot is intended to impact all of the MacLeods and could even affect those around them: friends, girlfriends, lovers, etc.

Core Idea

The ultimate villain or villainess is almost Liam's rival in wealth and power. She or he set out to become as wealthy as possible, planning on someday destroying Liam and all those he cares about. Although not a Washington D.C. mover and shaker, this person does have some power there and has hooks in some very high-powered people, including those running the Bureau - this way, that can still play into how and why Mark was sent to Miami. Our villain/villainess arranged it. The below options are not in the order of preference since right now, I do not have a preference.

Option #1: Will the Circle be Unbroken?

  • The villain or villainess is the child of a woman that once had a liaison with Liam, although she was married. Her husband deserted her, and rather than confess to her child that she was such a harridan that the father abandoned them, she tells a story of how she met and fell in love with this man (Liam) who was supposed to marry her, but skipped out. The child grows up hating Liam MacLeod. The catalyst for finally coming after the MacLeods is learning that Liam has gathered his offspring to him - except for this one.

Option #2: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

  • The villain or villainous is the child of a person (or couple) ruined by one of Liam's real-estate acquisitions.

Option #3: Suffer the Little Children

  • Similar to Option #1, only, in this case, the villain/villainess (or both, they could be twins) is another sibling. However, Ma is pure evil and raises the child (children) as evil incarnate. The core plot is the same, the child or children wants to destroy Liam - not just financial ruin which they see only as a bonus - but she/he/they want to eliminate everything and everyone MacLeod before taking out Liam. First, he has to suffer.


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Along the lines of the proposed plot...Mark will get notified from his friends in British Intelligence that someone is after Liam.  They don't know who it is but they have information that there is someone out there looking for revenge.  This will lead to Mark having a crisis about choosing between his family and his job.

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