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Smuggler's Blues is very simple to navigate. Almost everything is on the main site page or can be reached via the main menu bar below the banner. However, this is a quick site overview. If you find anything missing or broken page links, please post a reply here and it will be addressed as soon as possible.

User Panel

Under your Username on the main page (top of site), you will find links to your user control panels. Clicking on your username will give you a dropdown menu.

  • Manage Profile: This is where you go to update your personal profile, enable mature content, change your Display Name, set a Password Recovery question, etc. Your profile needs to be completed for all features of our site software to work correctly.
  • Manage Characters: This is where you go to add or edit characters. You can also add notes to their thread trackers, etc.
  • Manage Subscriptions: Go here to manage your forum and thread subscriptions.
  • Logout

Menu Bar

This is the main navigation menu. The links should be self-explanatory, but just in case, see below. More links will be added if needed.

  • Smuggler's Blues: This just takes you back to the home page.
  • Characters: Drop down list of character-related information.
  • Discord: A join link to our site's Discord server. It will also open the Discord app if you are already a member.
  • Joining: Takes you to the Welcome, Premise, Creating an Account Page.
  • Resources: Drop down list of links to site-related information including the rules, guides and lore, etc.
  • Change Theme: Light bulb icon; located on the far right, click this to switch between available themes.

Hopefully, the rest of the main page is self-explanatory. However, if you cannot find something, ask us in this thread. It might be that we have overlooked something.