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June 3, 1924
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Evelyn Whaley

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I'm headed straight for the castle;
They wanna make me their queen;
And there's an old man sitting on the throne
That's saying that I probably shouldn't be so mean.

To anyone else, Eric's remark wouldn't have seemed like a rebuke, but Evelyn had been around him long enough to know that she needed to drop any thoughts of trapping Eric in marriage just then. Maybe later, in that magic, short window time after he had had her as many times as he wanted and was content, but before he became Eric the businessman again and decided to leave.

She didn't let her face show her disappointment as she nodded. "That's what I do best. I live in the moment." She slowly got to her feet, stretched languidly to illustrate how much she could live in the moment by taking as much time as possible, and then turned around so she was facing him. She put both hands on his knees and looked up at him.

"I've been thinking about something smaller, but I don't know where to start. It's too much to think about for someone like me. I knew you would probably have suggestions. Maybe you'd like to go somewhere else...more comfortable...to talk about it?"

With that she leaned forward to kiss him, the slowness of her actions almost conveying timidity, but the way she locked eyes with him was anything but timid. And he knew she was not timid, either.

Eric Richards

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To be successful in business, you have to be ruthless.

Eric smiled as he grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap, "We can start our discussion here and talk about it later when we're upstairs."

He then proceeded to start their discussion...


A few hours later, Eric was driving home, satisfied with more than just the progress he had with installing Evelyn in his apartment on the northside of town.  It was while they were both lying in her bed after another round of lovemaking, that he casually suggested that she could stay at the apartment while she looked around for a more comfortable place to live.  He had told her that living in his apartment would help get her used to a smaller place after living in large homes for so long.

There was no doubt that she was playing a game as much as he was but what she didn't know was that he had no intention of making it permanent.  When he tired of her, he would have no problems sending her on her way as he done with the other women that had come before her.

Sometimes he thought about his callous behaviour with women he didn't care that much about and thought about changing his ways.  Maybe one day he would and sometimes he came close to it, like his relationship with Victoria Hayes, which had been a nice diversion from the relationships he usually had with women.  What he had with Victoria had eventually fizzled out, but she was a real lady and he had respected her.  Whereas women like Evelyn, were there for the taking because they were always on the lookout for someone to help keep them in the pampered lifestyle they wanted and loved.

He was happy to oblige Evelyn and give her what she wanted to a certain extent but if she asked for more than that, then she would be out quicker than she could blink her eyes.