The Phone Call

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February 12, 1924
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The Phone Call

It was quite a surprise to hear the voice of Doctor Steele on the other end of the line.

O’Rourke and Jimmy had been playing gin rummy over a couple of beers at their place on the beach in Key West.  A relaxing afternoon a cool breeze blowing onshore for a change when the jangle of the phone ringing broke the near silence.

“Hello Michael, I hate to bother you but I’ve a question that I’m hoping you could help me with.” Greyson stated.

“Why sure Doc, I owe you that’s for sure, so shoot, I’m all ears.” Michael said, the man on the other end had extracted three slugs from his torso a while back, saving his life.

“I realize this is reaching, but I wonder if you have any information on a Doctor Emile Janos. He runs Pembrook Pines Asylum and-“

“Yeah. You bet I know the creep, personally!” Michael interrupted. “You want I should ice him?”

“No, no, Michael, I’m just looking for information. Seems he is implicated in at least two murders up there, they have no real evidence, a former nurse, and a former patient of his place.”
Greyson explained. “A doctor colleague I work with has a sister there and we’re concerned about her safety.”

Michael grunted, “Yeah, an, for good reason. I know about the bodies, but what info I got, well, there are more out in the swamp. Some the gators got, some they didn’t. But I got the straight skinny, all of ‘em were drained. That line up with what you know?”

“Precisely! And you believe Janos is involved.?” Greyson asked.

“Look doc, here’s the deal on that.  Pembrook was a joint some associates up north used as a joint ta stash plugs when things got hot for ‘em.  Now, I just did get all this from a gink up around Jacksonville, maybe a week ago, who said that for sure this weirdo drains 'n dumps em.  Not all the time, but often enough.  Usually, them with no relations to be askin’ questions.” Michael stated. “Your Doctor friend’s in luck then, bein’ related, chances are Janos’ll leave her alone.”
“That’s what we’re hoping for. We plan to get the girl out of there before he does more damage to her psyche.”

“Listen Doc, I was up there, the guys a pure-d mental case if there ever was one. He thought I was a copper at first, but I knew he was on to me by the time I got outta there. Them glasses he wore, something about ‘em, I dunno, he’s crazy. You get that girl outta there, but don’t go up there after dark, just sayin’, maybe he lets you leave, maybe he don’t. Oh, and watch out for Jose, or whatever his name is, man’s a freak! Strong as an ox and his elevator don’t go to the top.”

Greyson was now more afraid for all of them than he had been. “Not to worry Michael, we’ll be taking no chances with Janos, none at all.”

“You take a gun with you, stay in the lobby and make him bring the girl.” O’Roourke advised. “You want help, gimme a call.”

“Thanks, I will. And Michael, thanks for your help.”

“No problem, and if you think you could use some muscle, give a holler, got a couple guys be glad to help.”

“Thanks, I will. Great talking to you.”

“Bye Doc,” Michael said.

“Goodbye,” Greyson replied and the line went dead.

‘So, who was that?” Jimmy asked.

“A guy that took three slugs outta me and save my life.” Came the response as Michael took his seat considering what danger the Doctor could face.


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