Party Preparations

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April 2, 1924
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Here among my thoughts of you, I find a gentle longing to be free...

Lucian MacLeod made his way up the gangplank of the SS Chanteuse and into the club's main dining room. He paused at the bar long enough to pour himself a cup of coffee before he made his way to his office. This was his "public" office, where he signed for deliveries and handled the upfront and legitimate business of the ship and Club Lorelei. A door that seamlessly blended in with the wood-paneled walls led to his private office that was off-limits to all but a few trusted people on staff and his brother, J.D.  From there, he could actually keep an eye on the club without anyone other than the employees knowing. There were numerous beautiful mirrors in the club that hid the fact they were one-way windows from various offices. Today, however, he needed to be available, which meant working from his larger, and truthfully, far more comfortable office.

He settled into the chair that sat behind his large desk, stifling a slight groan of discomfort. The day before had been his day off, and he had spent the day at his Kali studio. Although he had won his series of matches, it had left him with sore ribs and a few other aches and pains. Once settled, Lucian flipped open the cover of a leather-bound appointment book and calendar. This week would be hectic as they had to lay in the supplies and finalize details for a private charter booked for the upcoming weekend. Vivian Flanders wanted a talk-of-the-town event, and that was what Lucian and his brother were providing for her. He scanned the notes penciled into the appointment book and saw nothing urgent. That meant that he could do his least favorite thing...return phone calls. He began rifling through the stack of messages that had been left in his in-box on the desk, quickly organizing them in a stack from most-urgent to least-urgent. Moments later, Lucian picked up his phone...

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