Only Fools and Horses

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April 1, 1924
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"How can you hate someone if you don't know them."

For the umpteenth time, Mark was going through all the reports on the bombings.  If there had been something, he would have surely found it by now and so why was he bothering to re-read them again?

The answer to the question was simple.  For his part, outside influences had hindered him from putting one hundred percent of his time, at least while he was at work into the case and he suspected it was the same for his partner, Tommy.  What Tommy's problems were, he had no idea but he knew something was going on.  Part of him was still wrestling with the thought of quizzing the younger man instead of waiting for him to say something.  All he knew was that sometime soon, they would both have some explaining to do to Morris on why the investigation was getting nowhere.

So far, Morris had been content with the excuses so far.  It was true some things like getting permission to talk to the military and other government organisations did take some time but it couldn't be said of things like talking to linguists or anybody else who might know something that could help them find out who was behind of the bombings.

The latest one, which was nearly two weeks, was another small-time moonshine operation but he couldn't get over the nagging feeling that the bomber was about to go up a notch.  Unfortunately, there was going to be another delay to the investigation as he was due to go on that cruise Vivian Flanders was planning.

Taking a deep breath, he looked down at the photos on his desk.  Picking up his magnifying glass, he once again went back to searching for any clue that he may have missed.