The Florida coastal city of Miami is growing at a rapid rate. The city's economy is fueled by new arrivals, the booming real estate market, and an influx of money and crime. The Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States (ratified on January 16, 1919) and the Volstead Act (October 28, 1919, and January 17, 1920) was supposed to make the United States a dry nation. Instead, it made it thirstier and paved the way for crime and corruption to flourish. Moonshining, bootlegging, smuggling, illegal bars (speakeasies), and a big appetite for having a good time meant that crime certainly paid and paid well. It was the beginning of organized gangs of criminals (the Mob), and extreme corruption in law enforcement and various government agencies.

It wasn't called the Roaring Twenties for nothing.

Here is your chance to step back in time and roleplay with other fans of this fascinating era in the American experience. A wide range of roles is available. Gangster, copper, flapper, news reporter, private eye, Fed, thief, con man, gambler, jazz musician, nightclub singer, and just ordinary folk caught up in it all - all these and even more await you.

While it is a historical-based RPG, we are not sticklers for exact history. We are more concerned with making our own fictional stories than being chained to actual events. We are going for the atmosphere, not nit-picking the details. That said, we expect our players to try as much as possible to keep their characters, their possessions, and their attitudes fitting into the 1920s, not the 21st Century. Google is your friend if you aren't sure and always feel free to ask us if you have questions.

If you're still reading this and this sounds like your kind of game, please join us, we'd love to have you. And you may well find we are the Cat's Pajamas!

Keep reading to find out how to join the RPG!

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