Character Creation Guidelines

One Account: You will not create additional accounts or subaccounts for your characters. Instead, you will create character profiles using our Character Management System. When the form is complete, it automatically attaches to your account for use in the roleplay.

No Applications: Approvals (aka applications) are not required, but you do need to complete a short character profile form. Once you complete your character's profile, you may start writing. However, Admin reserves the right to request changes if necessary.

No Character Limits: You may create as many characters and NPCs as you want to play. However, you will have to create a profile for each one.

No Coding Required: Our site's Character Management System includes a short, easy-to-complete form.

Character Profile Completion: You can work on your character's profile at your own pace. We do not impose time limits or a schedule for getting your character into play.

DO NOT CLICK Ready for Play until your character's profile is complete.

DO SAVE OFTEN! Vesta (our forum application) does not automatically save your data. 

Edits/Updates: You may edit and update your character anytime you want to change their status (from PC to NPC, etc.) or add or change their information.

Character Management System

1. Click on your Username.

2. Click on Manage Characters.

*This takes you into the Character Management System, where you can add new characters and NPCs or update existing ones. 

Character Creation Options

Create Character: Click on this to create an entirely new player character or player-owned NPC.

Create Non-Player Character: Click on this button to create an entirely new Site NPC. This will make the NPC playable by all members that have at least one active Player Character.

Character Management Options

Ready for Play: Click this to add this character to the roster of your playable characters or NPCs.

Convert to NPC/Character: Click on this if you wish to change your character's status from a Player Character to a Site NPC (shared NPC).

Transfer (Admin Only): If you want to allow someone else to play your character, you may request to have its profile transferred to another member's account. This can be permanently or for a specific period, such as a hiatus from the game. Request a transfer in the Help Me! forum.

Thread Tracker: Lets you add notes to your characters' threads that will display in the Thread Trackers.

Manage: This is the edit button. Click on this to edit your character's profile form.

Delete: If your character has posts, please do not delete. Admin will archive it.

Character Profile Form

*Note: Leave fields blank that you are not using or do not apply to your character. Blank fields will not display on the character's profile page.

Standard Tab

First Name (required): Character's first name.

Middle Name (optional): Character's middle name (optional).

Last Name (preferred): Character's last name.

Title (optional): You can fill this in with the character's occupation, a nickname, or leave blank.

Grouping (required): This is a dropdown list. Choose the one applicable to your character.

  • Player Characters: Default (primary player characters).
  • Player NPCs: NPCs created by and controlled by a specific member. These characters are treated like player characters / supporting cast members.
  • Site NPCs: Choose this if you used the Create a Non-Player Character option when you started the profile form. These NPCs are shared by all members with at least one active player character.
  • Adoptable Characters: Choose this if you are creating a short profile for a wanted ad or if you want to change one of your played characters or NPCs to an adoptable character.
  • Archived Characters: Choose this for characters that are being abandoned and dropped from play or if the character has died.

Personal Quote: You can add a short personal quote or saying that your character uses or leave blank.

Biography Tab

ID Card

Profession: What they do for a living (i.e. law enforcement, waitress, bartender, career criminal, etc.).

Current Employer: Who they work for or self-employed.

Birth Date: MM/DD/YYYY

Height: Feet and inches (5'9")

Eye Color: Basic eye color.

Hair Color: Basic hair color.

Playby: Name of celebrity or credit for artwork if used.

Background Information Tab

For regular characters and Player NPCs, you will see four groups of fields labeled: Title 1/Box 1, Title 2/Box 2, Title 3/ ox 3, Title 4/Box 4. For Site NPCs (if you clicked on Create Non-Player Character when you started), you will see one title and one text area box. 

You MUST fill out at least ONE set (i.e., you must complete at least Title 1 and Box 1).

Title 1 - 4: Title the information you are putting into the text area box below (editor field). For example, if you are writing the character's history, the title would be History.

IMPORTANT! If you are putting data into the text box, you MUST fill in its title. If you do not, you will be contacted and asked to complete the title fields.

Images Tab

When you click on the images tab, you will see three options: Avatar, Secondary Image, and Gallery. Our site allows for multiple avatars and secondary images which are randomly rotated on the site and in posts. The character gallery only appears on their profile. Please see the specifications below.


  • Keep images PG-13!
  • Adhere to the sizes listed below so your images do not break the theme.
  • There are no limits on the number of images.


Image Size: 250 x 250 (square)

Use: These images are shown around the site where smaller images are needed such as on Playby Lists, etc.

Secondary Images

Image Size: 250 X 350 (portrait)

Use: These are the character and user images that show in the author-panel of posts.


Image Size: 980px width (max). Try to limit the gallery images to no more than 980px or smaller.

Use: These are for extra character related images. They can be of the character, their family, home, etc. Almost anything can be uploaded here.